House Clearance

Cleaning your property of rubbish and unwanted items is easy, efficient and affordable since we offer you the best house clearance in Waltham Forest. Our domestic clearance service is flexible and versatile, covering a wide range of requirements.

Being a specialized waste clearance company we have the necessary technical capacity, service expertise and manpower to organize, conduct and complete successfully any type of house clearance regardless of its scale or complexity. We will safely and attentively shift, handle and remove fragile items, bulky or awkward objects, heavy appliances and whatnot, without risk of damage to the property itself, or personal injury.

Our clearance teams are made up of sufficiently skilled and trained technicians who will go about their work in a coordinated, diligent and efficient manner. They will handle the job with the due precision and punctuality – there will be no costly delays or fussing about.

In our day to day work, we come across all sorts of things, some of it is pure rubbish, but some of it is recyclable or reusable waste which can serve a purpose once again. In light of this:

  • All recyclable and reusable items are deposited at specialized waste management and processing facilities where they are turned into useful raw materials or turned into energy and heat powering homes and businesses;
  • All items and goods in decent working order are given to charity organizations which in turn make them available to people in need;
  • All redundant electronics and IT equipment is taken to specialized processing sites where it is disassembled and disposed of as per the WEEE Directive;
  • To top up our eco-friendly work practices, we conduct our business using low emission waste removal vehicles.
  • Additional information regarding our house clearance in Waltham Forest:
  • Our clearance crews will arrive equipped with all the necessary tools and machinery required for quick and safe job completion;
  • We are able to collect items and rubbish from anywhere on the property, including tricky spots like attics, basements, closets, etc.
  • The clearance teams will sweep out the premises after completing the job, and leave the place neat and tidy;