Preparing Garbage for Pickup

Stage 1: Preparing to Recycle

Sorting is a way to find out what materials can fit into your garbage and what can be recycled.  To help you, you may want to get additional bins to hold plastics, and glass items, and to separate these from paper items.

Stage 2: Using Clear Liners

Using clear liners in your recycling helps protect your garbage bins from bacterias and smells.  The use of them being “clear” enables you to see how you are doing, sorting out paper items from glass and plastics or other items that should be put in separate recycling containers

Stage 3: Plastics, Glass Items

Plastic and glass items which can be recycled should be placed in separate bins. Please note, some recycled items can be brought to your nearest supermarket for cash.

Stage 4: Food Composting

Ever feel the yucky feeling of food leftovers going into a garbage bag, then the smell of the bag and your garbage bin when you place these leftovers in the bag.  What’s worse, with pickup day still days away the garbage will really decompose and stink and attract flies and maggots.  Sounds like a horror movie doesn’t it.  Well by using food composting, you can help the environment, enrich the soil and not have to deal with the mess described above.